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Custom Website, Landing Page and Online Store Development

Website, Landing Page or Online Store Development in Canada is one of the most important stages in the development of any business in the modern world and quite often the site itself is a business in essence. A high-quality corporate website emphasizes the company's image, its status, increases customer loyalty, an online store can completely replace a regular store or even surpass it repeatedly in features, and a landing page can be either an addition to an existing online store or an independent project for e-commerce with the highest conversion rate, and also serve as an excellent marketing tool. Some entrepreneurs constantly postpone for an indefinite period the idea of ​​developing a website because of doubts about its effectiveness, benefits or just the fear of something new and unknown - and they are greatly mistaken. Create a turnkey website - this is what is available to all. Each of them is done strictly individually, based on specific needs. First of all, the overall structure of the future project is assessed, its complexity, what set of functions should be added there, then it turns out what the design should be - strict, minimalistic, whether it should correspond to corporate corporate style or should be bright, saturated with non-standard graphics, with a high level of detail.

My name is Denis Nikolaev - I am a private designer and developer who has been working in the field of Internet technologies for more than ten years. If you are now in search of the best web studios in your city or select developers by some other criteria, then I can assure you that by contacting me you can completely entrust your project. I am engaged in professional development of sites of any level of complexity - from simple sites, business cards and landing pages to portals and services, I have completed hundreds of projects for clients from many countries, also in Canada. Your location does not matter, I work with any clients who want to be successful and who understand that it is impossible to stand still, you need to constantly develop your business, follow the current trends, implement new technologies. For those who are just taking the first steps in mastering the Internet, as a business tool, I will be glad to hold consultations, to tell about all the nuances and features.

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Order a Website in Canada: Web Design and Development

Today, for most large companies, commercial or public organizations, having your own website is no longer just a fad. This is a necessity. The need dictated by the rapid development of e-commerce and the constant increase in the number of users in the network. Creating a modern online representation of your company will help to organize the organization of internal and external accounting, optimize communication with customers, partners and the media. At the same time, the possibilities of using the website as an effective marketing tool are significantly expanded.

Selecting an exclusive solution for each client, projects are created that are designed and adapted to suit your individual wishes and requirements. websites work, make a profit, create an image and become the best solution for any business. websites of any type and subject are developed for entrepreneurs and large companies around the world, for any countries and regions. Created creative, competitive, high-quality design and software products designed to help customers in promoting their products on the market.
Benefits of cooperation:

  • flexible prices, phased payment, active discount system for regular customers;
  • free operational consulting support;
  • professional and competent approach;
  • comprehensive, covering different areas of design and development, service;
  • transparent and strong contractual relationship;
  • sustained consumer interest, tangible growth and development of your business.

To order a website in Canada, first of all, you need to fill out a brief in which you state your wishes regarding the visual presentation and structure of the future Internet resource, give examples of competitors' websites. Based on the brief, the terms of reference and work plan are drawn up, taking into account the capabilities of software and design tools. Upon completion, all your ideas will be embodied in life, which will provide exactly the website that will benefit your business!


Online Store Development

Many companies, given the constant growth of high technology, as well as the popularity and availability of the Internet, increasingly prefer to conduct business online. Therefore, the Internet can be called an integral business tool. It is a modern trade channel, the most optimal way to organize trade. An online store is a multifunctional software module embedded in a website that provides sales through a worldwide network. This allows the owner of such an online store to sell their products or services to a large audience with access to the Internet. The development of an online store in Canada today is the ideal solution for firms creating their online business, and the availability and simplicity make it a convenient advertising platform for conducting commercial activities.

The online store has several advantages:
  • Unlike a regular store, which has a specific work schedule, it is open to visitors around the clock, without a break for lunch, weekends and holidays.
  • access to virtual storefronts has absolutely any visitor, no matter where in the world he is.
  • each user can get detailed product features, complete information about its features, benefits and functions.

Another indisputable advantage of the online store and its advantageous difference from the usual store is the absence of any restrictions on the area, as well as the absence of costs for its rent. In addition, the owner of the online store has the right and opportunity to take their virtual shopping space to the person interested in this. It can also place any quantity of goods on the Internet or give a description of any number of services. Another plus of the online store is that it allows you to communicate with potential customers. This is achieved by feedback - forums, chats, guest books - and allows you to conduct marketing research through a survey of website visitors. Among other advantages are the absence of labor costs for staff; significant time savings, as there is no need to tell the buyer about a particular product, because comprehensive information is already presented in the sections of the online store; the ability to expand the range of goods or services within a single virtual platform. Everything else, the store on the Internet is more focused on the target audience. It is worth noting that online stores have a lot of advantages not only for their owners, but also for buyers. These include a simple and clear management system that does not require special training or knowledge; often the prices for the presented products are more favorable in comparison with usual shops; the opportunity to obtain the necessary information about the product of interest, to examine it from all sides, compare it with other goods and make a choice without haste, moreover, without leaving the house.

Before you start creating an online store, you need to analyze the characteristics of the business and the market, determine which goals and objectives the project should solve, how they can be implemented, and who it is designed for. An online store, as a rule, consists of several blocks: showcases, that is, a product catalog, a basket, a checkout block, a payment block with several options and a tracking (tracking) block by the buyer of their purchases. The catalog contains the most complete information about a product or service, besides it is divided into thematic sections, which greatly facilitates the search for the visitor. In addition, it is possible to supplement this information with graphic illustrations or video clips. Also, upon request, the user can get a price list, which is formed from the existing product catalog.

The virtual basket in the online store is needed so that the customer can send the product of interest to him in the quantity he needs. Payment for the goods can be carried out by various methods that are convenient to both the owner of the online store and the buyer. The online store must meet the requirements of the time and the latest technological standards. It must be remembered that an online store is an effective and flexible sales tool. A competently created and well-promoted online store in Canada is able to bring not less, and sometimes an order of magnitude more profit than its usual counterpart.

Online Business Card Development

Business card website in Canada is a small website, usually consisting of 5-10 pages. But at the same time it is a full-fledged virtual resource with a unique design and software part. Nowadays it is almost impossible to meet a company or organization that would not have its own Internet presence. Today it is the same necessary attribute of doing business, as, for example, a letterhead, booklet or business card. Large companies that have taken a strong position in the market and have a stable income, as a rule, acquire effective corporate websites. Organizations on the other hand, and firms that first encountered the task of creating their own page and have not yet decided on a corporate website, often turn to business card websites - the most appropriate way to open their online representation.

On such Internet resources, companies usually post general information about themselves, products or services offered, a photo gallery with their images, price lists, and contact details. Often websites-business cards contain news of the company or data on new brands. This information can be presented as ordinary data, or in the form of special articles with photographs and drawings. By “business card” is meant not the format, but the purpose of the website - to briefly and compactly provide the necessary information. Business card websites are resorted to by both large enterprises and organizations that do not require the placement and frequent updating of large volumes of information, as well as private entrepreneurs. In addition, websites, business cards are often used to create additional promo any product or service. And all because such Internet resources are no less effective than other types of websites, but much simpler and easier to use, besides, considerable financial and time expenses are not needed to create and maintain them. It turns out that this is a good inexpensive advertising company and a private person, working on them all day and night and attracting visitors.

Online business card has a lot of advantages:
  • enables the company to find new customers and partners through the network.
  • allows you to save finances on traditional types of advertising. This is explained by the fact that on any promotional materials the company can now leave the address of its Internet resource, where the interested consumer can always ask for more complete information.
  • the company has the opportunity to better service when working with a client. Because, unlike the same office, the website can be accessed at any time of the day and get all the information of interest. In addition, various graphical elements also benefit greatly: on the website, price lists or logos on letterheads look much more attractive than with photocopying or faxing.
  • the ability to quickly edit information, and to do it easily, without possessing special knowledge and not seeking outside help. In fact, a business card website is an advanced Internet version of a regular business card, which a company usually transmits to its customers or partners.

Corporate Website Development

Today, when the Internet is rapidly developing, it becomes a profitable advertising platform, and most companies, realizing this advantage, are in a hurry to acquire their own web websites. This happens by creating a corporate website, which is a powerful marketing tool to promote products or services, attract potential customers and retain the interest of existing ones, as well as search for business partners. The main goal of creating a corporate website is to bring information about the company, its activities, manufactured goods or services provided to the knowledge of the largest possible number of people in whom the company is interested as future consumers or partners. Corporate websites today are simple resources that allow to solve marketing problems that a company sets for itself, and complex systems that interact with the company's internal systems: databases, customer management calculation systems, and more. Creating a corporate website in Canada is not just creating a beautiful attractive image and writing code. This process is a complex event, which includes an individual original design within the company's corporate identity, a convenient management system, as well as optimization of the website’s web pages.

Before starting the development of a corporate website, you need to define and formulate goals and objectives using marketing research. What is the website for, who are its potential visitors, how they will use this Internet resource, what kind of information they are interested in and what they will look for when visiting this website. After this, the concept of future sections and the overall structure usually emerge.

When developing and creating a corporate website for any company, it is worth considering it as an important and powerful means of doing business, an effective method of fighting for a potential audience and establishing feedback with it. Indeed, in addition to informing potential and current clients of the company, the corporate website gives them the opportunity to feel part of the system, which is achieved by registering users on an Internet resource and giving them certain access rights (various forums and communication systems). After the concept of the website is approved, the design, creation and layout of the design, writing the software, creating the proper content, filling the website with information and placing it on the network, that is, uploading and further customization, follow. Each of these stages must be tested to identify and prevent possible problems with the perception of a new resource by potential visitors. Creating an interesting and functional website with the current high level of competition is not enough. It is necessary to still manage to make it so that it stands out from the masses like it, not less strong. To do this, the company's Internet resource must be memorable, have an original attractive design, be easy in search engines and, most importantly, provide complete information about the company, its products and services, as well as have a thoughtful and convenient navigation. It is also necessary to take into account the requirements of the time for the website to meet the latest standards.

Do not forget that the creation and implementation of a corporate website in the network spaces is not enough for its effective and successful operation. Internet resource constantly requires technical and marketing support, promotion, advertising and IT consulting. In addition, you need to remember that a corporate website is a dynamic website with a management system: a company can add, change or delete information on its own, without much effort and without the help of a web developer. Nowadays, a corporate website is not a tribute to fashion and high technology. An interesting and functional website with good informational content is an effective means to achieve the main marketing goals of the company.

Web Portal Development

The portal in Canada today is the most complex virtual business system and is capable of solving the most difficult commercial tasks. It contains properties and includes the functions of various types of websites: business cards, promotional website, online store, as well as corporate online resource. In essence, this is a website with a multi-level structure and an impressive amount of information. In other words, a portal is a resource consisting of several Internet representations and having a huge permanent audience. Information portal is a means of collecting, processing and disseminating information to solve specific problems. Among them are three main. The presence of information goals involves the creation of an open information space, the organization of communication of visitors and the exchange of views. For this purpose, the portal places information on a specific topic in the form of archives of documents, news or articles. Creating a portal allows you to solve marketing problems by collecting a large amount of data about consumers, both potential and current, competitors and business partners, as well as to present the company in a favorable light for it. The achievement of commercial goals, as a rule, means the provision of paid services to visitors or the sale of advertising space on the portal.

Based on the goals, the structure and content of the portal, as well as the strategy for its promotion and further development, are determined. The information portal is often confused with the corporate website. However, the main difference between them is in the nature and manner of presenting information. On the corporate Internet resource, it is focused on intra-company interests. The information presented on the informational Internet portal goes beyond the company, that is, the difference between them is approximately the same as between domestic and foreign policies.

Information portal, as a rule, describes the main problems associated with the activities of the company. Such information is combined into one semantic section. Among others, there are forums where visitors can share experiences by asking each other questions; presentation of communication methods with specialists; comparative description of products, in particular its technical characteristics, selection criteria for solving a specific task, price; as well as links to thematic portals and company websites. As a rule, this or that information portal unites several large and medium-sized companies with the same line of activity. The essence of its creation lies in the objectivity and completeness of the information provided, without focusing on a specific company. And therein lies the main advantages of an Internet portal. Such a resource makes it possible to save on the analysis of competitors' activities, and also allows you to reach a new level of competition and make a clear distinction between your products or services from products of other manufacturers, moreover, to more accurately understand the structure of the market. And, not least, it promotes partnerships.

Thanks to the creation of a unified information network, business is becoming more transparent. The Internet portal structures the information environment in a specific field of activity, which, as a rule, has a positive effect on strategic decision-making. And the use of a single product catalog allows you to track the causes of changes in supply and demand. The portal also makes it possible to combine geographically remote divisions of the company into a single information space and provide all divisions with centralized access to all materials of the company. All portals are divided into two main groups: vertical and horizontal. The first are specialized thematic portals intended for the target audience. Horizontal portals are often focused on a fairly wide audience and contain information on a wide variety of topics. Sometimes portals are also divided into international and regional. To be successful, the information portal should be well known in the business environment and the Internet, have well-structured and relevant databases, allow easy retrieval of information, and also contain a sufficient number of links to other virtual resources on a specific topic. An information portal is always a unique project that requires an individual approach and serious investments: its creation, allocation of disk space for the maintenance of a database of companies, as well as constant updating of information and tracking forums.

Website redesign

Website redesign in Canada is its partial or complete rework. A redesign may consist either in changing only the appearance of an existing resource, that is, its design, or to mean a complete restructuring of the entire website, its new design. Over time, any network resource needs to be redesigned. The reasons for this may be mass. Often this is a change in the marketing goals of the company-owner and the inconsistency of the previous Internet resource. A company can change its name, logo or completely change its corporate identity, its target audience can change, the whole subject of the website can be changed, which will also require.

Over time, the owner, as a rule, ceases to satisfy the structure and functionality of the website, often the means of updating the content does not allow for promptly communicating the necessary information to visitors. Or the design, which ceases to meet the needs of current visitors and attract new ones, is simply outdated. Or there is a need for new services (forum, catalog, online store, bulletin board, ordering system, etc.), as well as adding a significant amount of new information, necessary functions. And sometimes the need for redesign is due to incorrect planning of the website at the stage of its initial development. Only after analyzing all the reasons usually proceed to redesign. To understand the essence of the concept of "redesign", you need to take into account two aspects of its understanding: narrow and wide. In the first, a redesign means only a change in appearance: increasing the readability of fonts, adjusting the color gamut, and correct design of the links. In a broad sense, a redesign is the modernization of the existing website structure, changing the graphics, creating a more user-friendly navigation system, changing text content, editing thematic sections (both creating new and deleting old ones that have ceased to be needed), as well as optimizing its code. With the help of the redesign it is possible to solve some technical problems of the website, primarily related to its placement on the network. That is, if we consider the redesign in the narrow sense, then we are usually talking about a kind of cosmetic repair of the website; in broad terms, this is the creation of a fundamentally new resource based on an existing one. Based on these understandings, the redesign is usually divided into visual and technical.

Redesign has its advantages:
  • the website remains its domain name, respectively, there is no need to spend money to buy a new
  • the resource does not lose already existing visitors, it is interested in it, and also makes it possible to attract new potential customers. In addition, corporate identity is maintained
  • links to the website from other resources and banner advertising do not cease to operate
  • the introduction of new services will make the website more competitive
  • redesign costs much less to create a new online resource, and also saves time.

Many experts agree that a redesign is necessary for any Internet resource at least once every two years. Thus, the redesign leads to the creation of a qualitatively new style and design of the website, optimization of its structure, the correct information structure, as well as the connection of new functional software modules. All this allows to increase the efficiency of the website, to make it able to attract new customers and partners, and therefore bring greater profit.

Website Support and Maintenance

The process of creating a successful website is inherently an endless process. The website requires constant maintenance and support, content editing and user interaction. If you do not hold these events, the website will always lose its relevance and attention. After the development of the website, many companies refuse to support it, thinking that they will be able to do it themselves. But later they are convinced that the right decision will be to entrust their website to specialists.

Website support service in Canada includes:
  • Prompt update of information
  • Editing and adaptation of text materials for the website
  • Computer processing and optimization of source materials
  • Add links
  • Registration in various directories
  • Extension of hosting
  • Renew domain name registration
  • Management and maintenance of the relevance of interactive elements of the website (price lists, catalogs, news feeds, etc.)

Landing Page Development

Landing Page is a one-page website aimed at the active sale of a particular product or service mainly by means of contextual advertising, designed for a wide audience reach. The use of landings in the trade - this is not a new phenomenon. Recently, this practice has been used more than actively, and it fully justifies itself, and the resource of this approach is still far from exhausted. Landing features are such indicators:

  • Small, but catchy and catchy text with a sentence
  • Features of graphic design, taking into account psychological facts
  • Motivating the desire to immediately make a purchase

In a situation where a person simply has no time to go shopping in search of goods, but the Internet is always at hand, this approach really turns out to be the most promising and rational, and therefore marketing campaigns, and even simply selling goods and services via the Internet, is simple and profitable. The seller has his own advantages here as well, who does not need to rent a sales area and hire staff, it is easier to follow the processes that are taking place, and there is no risk of theft. Both sides have advantages, and therefore it is quite reasonable to assume that in the coming years this direction will continue its active development, and entrepreneurs who have begun to use the Internet opportunities will not miss their profits.

Stable business development and a gradual increase in sales is an attractive opportunity. But sometimes you want to see something else: gross sales growth, the emergence of a sharp interest in a product or service, a lot of orders in a few hours. It turns out that with the right approach and this is achievable, you can easily give a sharp start to your business in the global network, or sell off a huge batch of goods in a matter of days. And for this there is a separate tool, here you need not an online store, but a selling landing page. Paradoxically, this resource, which can bring fabulous success, is even simpler in its structure, usually consists of only one page. But its content is much more complicated, and the process of filling and creating requires special professionalism from the performer.

The high efficiency of such solutions makes it possible to order a selling page very attractive and promising, and the creation of landing pages in Canada is really in high demand. The relevance of this approach became apparent several years ago, and it does not come to naught, this tool continues to give sales success and provide massive opportunities for profit, if we are talking about its competent execution. Yes, there are certain services for creating a landing page that allow an amateur approach to the issue, but the practice clearly shows that it is professional solutions that are ten times more efficient, they become the sales tool for which it is worth paying, because investments pay off in the first time of the advertising campaign. Selling Landing has its effectiveness only when competently compiled on the original plan. As already noted, to achieve the desired effect, weighted and thoughtful in it should be literally everything, starting from the very beginning. Despite the brevity of the proposal, it should be not just bright and memorable, but also affecting the psyche of the audience, causing the desire to buy right now. It is not surprising that the creation of a selling landing involves knowledge not only in the field of website building, but also in human psychology. Competent, effective marketing without it is simply impossible. Sometimes the need to write a marketing text for the landing is entrusted to individual specialists - if the whole team is working on a project, as it should be. A separate nuance is the selling headings for the landing page, which should not only intrigue and encourage reading the entire text, but also be self-sufficient for the case if the person still just runs through the material with his eyes.

The very structure of the selling landing should assume the possibility of full acquaintance with the offer in a matter of seconds. And here it is important not only the text, but also its location on the page, design, font size and color, graphic materials, and much more. Each individual case has its own specifics, and there are no common templates here, and therefore the idea of ​​simply buying a selling landing page without its individualization will be a failure. To some extent, experts can use templates on selling landings, but in any case, such help needs individualization and development. Once again it is worth emphasizing that there is no single solution for all occasions, an individual approach is extremely important. It would be better to pay and order a selling landing page in order to receive all the profits due, rather than save initially, and not get any material response from the advertising campaign. Appeal to specialists and detailed elaboration decide too much in this situation, and there is no sense to refuse it. If you decide to create a marketing landing page and run a campaign using it, it is wise to either order it from the professionals or deliberately abandon this idea and not waste your time working through other marketing strategies.

Development of the selling website should be divided into parts that will help determine the future result with almost 100% certainty.
The first step is to stand in the place of the visitor. Creating selling websites begins with the thought of how the user went to your website, why they need it and what you can offer. The ideal option would be to create a fast and easy way, consisting of:

  • Saw an advertisement on the Internet.
  • Clicked on the link (can be placed anywhere, from ads on the social network to banners).
  • Visited the website.
  • Convinced of the correctness of his choice.
  • Found what I was looking for here.
  • Bought / Called / Wrote.

When creating a marketing project, it is imperative to pay sufficient attention to the consumer needs issue. So that it did not happen that the client’s expectations did not coincide with reality. Many visitors are not at all interested in the chosen color or combination of shades with the pictures placed on the main page. The main criterion in attracting attention is the availability of information about prices and conditions for receiving the goods (delivery), as well as a detailed description of the goods and its quality image.

The second step is to make purchases on the website as comfortable and simple as possible.
Help the buyer place an order - many users are so lazy that pushing more than one or two buttons becomes annoying. Also, many people like tips on how and what to do to make a purchase. At the same time, the website should immediately have answers to all questions of interest to the consumer (this will help a detailed description of the goods).

The third step is to create an effective landing page (landing page) and remove all unnecessary. On the landing page should be placed all the necessary information to the buyer - it is best to place it in the most prominent place on the page and make the content as attractive as possible.
Be sure to get rid of distracting items in the form of photographs of managers of a company or store, multiple banners and special offers. All this client can find later, but now the main task is to sell - do not distract the visitor from the main business.

The last step is to check the achieved result - do it with a real test. Ask your friend or relative to test the resource - in eleven seconds you need to find one product named in advance. Watch carefully for each action, and after the test, you can quickly eliminate the shortcomings if they remain. The use of such a tool as landing pages has been gathering powerful momentum in recent years: such an approach shows itself from the best in a variety of situations, allowing you to successfully conduct business, to distribute services and goods within the global network at an active pace. The effectiveness of using this approach has been repeatedly proven in practice, and entrepreneurs who try to keep up with the trends of modern times willingly order a turnkey page landing page in Canada in order to succeed in their own endeavors - which is possible without problems.

How Much Does a Website Development Cost

The issue of budget and cost is always relevant for people who want to order a website creation. And it is quite natural, because you need to know in advance how much money it will take to understand how much the investment will pay off, whether it makes sense to order such a service at all, and so on. It is worth noting that the price of such works may vary, and in a fairly wide range. No developer or web studio will be able to tell you right away how much it costs to create a website, until you see the terms of reference, or at least know the general requirements of the customer with examples. The exact cost can be called only for the already finished website, if you decide to buy it, and in this case you will have to face the need for its individual refinement and fitting to the needs of your project. To answer the question of how much does a website development cost in Canada, you need to at least say this:

  • The purpose of the website and the purpose of the project
  • Requirements for design details
  • Functionality and additional features.

All these and many other points are considered by specialists separately, are discussed with the customer until a complete consensus is reached, and only later, by correlating all the nuances, it is possible to name the final cost of the project, which is made up of all the work required for the implementation. If you are interested in how much it costs to create an online store website, it should be noted that there are some regularities in this issue that allow you to evaluate at least the price category of the project. So, if you have enough ready-made solutions, you can order a budget project, but if you need to work out from scratch, it will be more expensive.

Responsive design for modern mobile devices

A responsive design is a design that is designed and developed in such a way that the website becomes compatible with any device that can be used to work on the Internet. This does not mean that the website should have a mobile version, because all mobile devices are too diverse. Diversity is good, because it makes the world bright, but it can ultimately drive the designer crazy while he makes and customizes the layout for each model and brand. This will require operational development efforts. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the need for flexibility in the layout in our time already exists.

The popularity of the concept of responsive design is obvious. No one wants to let go of visitors, especially those who are most actively using the Internet, both on a desktop computer and on the go. Companies want to have mobile versions of their websites in order to expand their presence on the Internet and promote the availability of their services.

The concept of responsive web design assumes that the layout of the website must respond to the conditions in which the websites are viewed, this is the screen resolution, orientation, and platform. To achieve this effect, designers can use a combination of methods: rubber grids, rubber images and media queries. Thus, there is an idea about the inclusion of automatic response technology to user preferences. The website design will be adjusted automatically, eliminating the need for additional design efforts whenever a new device appears on the market.

How to create a rubber layout

Rubber mesh, flexible images and media queries are the three technical components for responsive web design.

Rubber mesh

Now with the advent of HTML5 and CSS3, we’ve come to amazing layout scalability. Of course, this is not a final solution, there is a workaround, and it provides much more flexibility. These "rubber" layouts may become flat, like pancakes or completely unreadable, but now they will never break. These layouts have containers on the pages, each of which is defined as a percentage width — this means that they are completely based on the window, and not the initial outer block. Rubber layout adapts to different sizes of the browser window. The combination of rubber and fixed layout forms an unbreakable flexible mesh. The best way to understand how this works is to try viewing such a website on a device that can switch from portrait to landscape view as desired by the user.

Flexible images

One of the important issues when working with flexible design is to work with images. Proportional image resizing can be achieved in various ways. Scaling is a hard way to bring an image to a mobile device. The easiest and most common way at the moment is to use CSS max-width. Another way is to crop an image with CSS overflow (for example, overflow: hidden). This allows you to crop images dynamically, and the containers around them are shifted to fit the new display conditions. Versions of the respective image sizes can be stored on the server so that they can be dynamically changed depending on the user agent using the server or client detection function, as well as DOM manipulations. And, as an option, we can hide the image from all media queries. In our opinion, the main points for considering a particular image should be the resolution and load time.

Media queries

Media queries allow for a sample style sheet for an HTML document, depending on the characteristics of the user agent, parameters such as the size of the browser window to produce several layouts. Other options include page orientation, screen resolution, etc.

New devices made after the release of CSS3 (for example, iPad and Android devices) support media features, including maximum width, device width, orientation, and colors. So, a media request using CSS3 functions to enable these devices works just fine, and it is ignored, like accessing an old browser that does not support CSS3. The limits for screen size and resolution disappear when using media queries and are easy to design. This allows us to go ahead and start building websites that adapt flexibly to different media. Responsive web design requires a different way of thinking. You do not need to be a genius to understand how to make a design responsive. The methods discussed above are not the best solution for an ever-changing mobile world. Responsive web design is just a concept that has the power to improve user experience. And be prepared that it will not completely solve the issue for each user, platform or device!

Web Design. Website Design Creation

To create an effective business tool, you need to take into account many comprehensive factors. One of the main is the development of web design. After all, the appearance of the website will distinguish it from its competitors and highlight favorably among them. For website design, you need to correctly use a variety of graphic and functional. A large cluster of small details distracts the user from basic information. The website interface should be convenient for visitors, they should easily find all the important information. The company's website is its virtual office or virtual trading platform, to which customers and partners also come. Therefore, the website design should be not only attractive, but also comfortable and functional.
Knowledge of all the necessary rules and subtleties in the design of the website allows you to achieve the best results. When creating a website design, you need to focus on such moments:

  • Marketing analysis. With its help, the target audience is investigated in order to ensure optimal attendance and maximum conversion of visitors into customers. It is necessary not only to attract attention, but also to promote loyalty of regular visitors.
  • Competitive analysis. Helps to make the right plan of action.
  • Specificity of business. To strengthen the company's position in the market.
  • Wishes of the customer. The design of the website should appeal to the customer, because this is his business, the way to communicate with customers and partners.
  • Own creative ideas. A beautiful and original website should also competently communicate to the clients and partners the marketing goals of the company, it is beneficial to demonstrate the advantages of the company and its products, to be interesting and informative.

The cost of creating a website design in Canada is calculated based on the number of pages and the complexity of the study, on the level of detail. A professionally rendered service for designing a website and designing an online store should include: main, catalog, product card, service catalog, service card, information pages. Also professional website design contains an adaptive version, ui kit and typography. The final price of web design is formed after consultation and drawing up a complete task for the entire project.

Stages of development of turnkey web design:
  • The first stage is planning. The customer and the performer discuss the tasks, target audience, structure, elements of corporate identity.
  • The second stage of web website design is the development of the design of the main page.
  • The third is the development of website pages and sections.
  • The fourth is the layout, the quality of which depends on the work of the website in browsers.

The customer has the ability to monitor the progress of the designer and make changes in a timely manner. Such control is very effective, it will help to avoid the need to rework the design of the website and guarantee exactly the result that the client will always be satisfied with.

Website Catalog Development

What is a website catalog? The website catalog is an electronic storefront containing a list of goods or services with their detailed description and attached images. Creating a website catalog in Canada is a great way to express yourself, your product and brand on the Internet. This is a virtual analogue of advertising catalogs, which are usually distributed in shops and barber shops. Advanced catalogs can contain an integrated payment system, the ability to download and synchronize content with another resource, news feeds, widgets and functional services. The main task of any catalog is to attract the attention of the reader so that he contacts the seller and is disposed to purchase the goods. At first glance it may seem that the creation of a website-catalog of goods is similar to an online store. But it is not. There is a fundamental difference between these websites: the catalog must acquaint with the product, and the store must sell it. The catalog may not have functionality for transferring funds, for adding goods to the basket, for specifying the address and method of delivery. That is, in terms of feature set, the website catalog is more like a corporate portal than an online store. But in the direction and themes of the catalog is fundamentally different from the website-business card and corporate resource. Here the main focus is on the demonstration of certain products, a qualitative description of its merits and advertising. Although in thematic terms, the catalog is more like an online store, there is no clear distinction between these websites.

Before creating a website-catalog of goods, it is necessary to determine the modules and components that should be contained on such a resource. The standard set of functions is as follows:
  • Multi-level catalog (grouping by subject, properties);
  • Filters of goods by characteristics (price, color, group);
  • Ability to allocate goods for samples (new items, bonuses, discounts);
  • Withdrawing similar products;
  • Additional services (reviews, comments).

Many products can not be sold through the online store, because it is impossible to describe all the characteristics of products and transaction details. For example, it will not be possible to sell expensive factory equipment through an online store, especially if it is located in another country. Even a small virtual showcase can attract thousands of visitors and hundreds of customers every day. And given the small price of development and the quick launch of such a website, the catalog would be an excellent option for any company. A feature of the technical administration of directories is that they tend to expand. Usually a small Internet resource is created with two to three groups of goods. But as it works, it grows into a large catalog or is transformed into a full-fledged online store. For catalogs with external data loading, the development of service rules and careful moderation of downloadable content are required. For massive resources will have to hire several administrators working in shifts.

The most common type of such websites - catalogs of goods and products. Basically, each developer writes a website for their company and needs. But there are free and paid services, where any user can create their own page with a catalog of goods and services. Naturally, such services need constant moderation and editing. Less common directories of thematic Internet resources. This is a kind of reference book in which each webmaster can register his portal, add a detailed description and a link to it. In this case, the catalog performs the main function: attracts the client and allows him to contact the manager to clarify the conditions of sale. It is very simple to administer the product catalog, any advanced user will cope with this task. And in frequent updates of the content is not necessary: ​​it comes down to updating the price of goods and company details.

Creating a website with a catalog of goods ordered, when there is no need for a full-fledged online store, and no registration is required with the customer paying for the order online. Such a resource will be a good opportunity to present your products on the Web, because even a small showcase website can attract visitors and convert them into buyers.

Who will create a web website with a catalog

At its core, making a website a showcase, with a full-fledged product catalog is something between a corporate office and an online store. The question arises: who needs the project of exactly this type, why some companies, having such a resource, do not develop it to a full-fledged on-line store.

  • If a company has a huge product line that requires detailed descriptions, the company itself operates in several sectors not interconnected with each other, covering several regions of the country, then the creation of such a resource as a website containing a multi-level catalog of goods sold, or an Internet showcase, needs
  • The presence of a multi-level product catalog on the web representation is relevant for exclusive products or services or in the case when the final price of the product depends on many factors and the resource requires only familiarizing the client with the main characteristics for subsequent communication with the manager
  • There are products that cannot be sold from the website online, for example, machine tools or factory equipment, especially if retrofitting and an individual selection of parts are to be made. For such products it is impossible to pre-determine the final price and specify all the essential parameters of the transaction

In addition to comprehensive turnkey website development services, I can also work separately on design, web programming, or layout of websites. I also provide technical support for websites and I have my own AVIJO.CMS site administration system, with which you can easily edit anything without much preparation, everything is clear and simple. The design is created only exclusive, according to your wishes and adjusted to full approval. The cost starts from just $100, while there are many payment methods available - you can make a payment online from anywhere in the world (plastic cards, Webmoney, Bitcoin, LiqPay and many others). The average time to develop a website is about 2-3 weeks, but for complex projects like corporate, shops or services, several months are made. Landing sites and business cards - much faster. It is also worth noting that a lot depends on how the various stages are coordinated, how quickly all the necessary data, content and general information will be provided.

To order the creation of a website, a landing page, an online store or any other resource, simply contact me by email or by using the contact form. For the initial assessment, you should briefly describe your business and for what purpose the site is created, what topics, basic suggestions on the structure and functions, examples and comments to them are required. After that, you can discuss in more detail, find out the requirements for the complexity of the design, clarify all the details, draw up a technical task and announce the final budget. To create a beautiful and effective site just in time, it is necessary that all necessary information be provided in a timely manner. Today, order a website in Canada online is as simple as any product or service online.

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