How much does a website cost in Canada: The website price

Basic solutions Personal websites, business cards, web-portfolio, landing pages Personal website cost in Canada Price: from $100
eCommerce Online-stores and
other eCommerce-projects
Online Store cost in Canada Price: from $300
Promo and Media-websites Official and
corporate websites
Corporate website cost in Canada Price: from $200

Most likely, everyone who wants to create a website to grow of their business wonders how much does a website will cost in Canada. Naturally, the website provides significant prospects for the company and, with clear planning of actions, is able to take it to a whole new level. But an excessively high price for developing and promoting it may scare away, especially the owner of a small business, since at low speeds attention is paid to even insignificant costs, not to mention something more serious and expensive. Immediately, I’ll clarify that it’s not necessary to have the entire amount of the site development at once, I provide the service “creating a site by installments” without any extra charges and documents, up to six months (possibly more), but first of all you need to deal with the overall budget.

A website is a rather complex software and creative product that requires a lot of experience and knowledge. It cannot in its essence be quite cheap, especially if it is a serious commercial project - be it an official website, some kind of online service or an online store. Most often, the whole team works on creating the site: a manager, a web designer, front-end and back-end developers, that is, a layout designer and a web programmer. A marketer, art director, tester may also be involved, and even more specialists will be invited to further maintain and promote the site. I do it all myself, in terms of design and development, thanks to the vast experience in this area accumulated since 2007. But still, I can only do a certain number of exclusive projects for a certain period of time, but I do not have exorbitant prices for creating websites like web studios.

The Website price in Canada starts at $100, the cost of online store development is from $300, the cost for creating a separate website design, maintenance and upgrading of websites is strictly individual. The final budget for each project can be called only after studying the technical specification or brief and after agreeing on all the details.

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